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The Masakikai is dedicated to preserving the martial arts of Masakiryū manrikigusarijutsu and Edo machikata jutte torinawa atsukai yō as handed down by the previous headmaster, Nawa Yumiō (1912–2006) to the Masakikai's head instructor (shihan ke ), Sano Morikazu.

Masakiryū was founded by Masaki Tarodayū Toshimitsu (1689–1776), a retainer of the feudal domain of Minō Ōgaki in today's Gifu prefecture, in the mid-18th century. It specializes in the use of the short chain (manrikikusari) against unarmed and armed opponents, and also contains techniques for the chain-and-sickle (kusarigama), mainly deployed against the sword.
Edo machikata jutte torinawa atsukai yō was used by the police force of old Edo, today's Tokyo, as a system of arresting techniques. It was founded at the government's behest by Kamei Magoroku Shigemura (n.d.), a retainer of the Mikawa Yoshida domain in today's Aichi prefecture. Edo machikata jutte torinawa atsukai yō teaches the use of the Japanese police truncheon (jutte) in combination with fast rope binding techniques in order to restrain suspects.

At the Masakikai, students can learn this unique style of traditional Japanese martial arts through careful instruction according to a graded curriculum. In addition to the actual techniques, we also explore historical materials and other related matters to deepen out insight into the traditions handed down to us.